Rare Butterfly from China mainland

mark jackson strat7 at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 5 12:28:16 EDT 1998

Hi,   Has anyone ever thought that  he can't
read english very well, he states it on his email.
If no one answers him he cannot sell them.
Maybe we could put him in a Chinese
slave labor prison making toys for our
kids, but a better idea is to educate him!
                               mark j.

Doug Yanega wrote:

> >What is the proper procedure for dealing with the repeat posting of the
> >Chinese butterfly. If it is illegal for commercial trade in this species is
> >the list server legally bound to at least eliminate the person from the
> >server, and secondly, report the advertisment to the proper authority
> >dealing with such matters? I would be interested to know, if someome could
> >please comment.
> Actually, if Mr. Lu has already been warned, there are two lines of
> approach here, both SHOULD be taken, but I only know how to deal with one
> of them. To wit: (1) there should presumably be some official interest by
> SOME agency of SOME government in this case - since the web site is hosted
> by a US company (bigfoot.com) and the ad appeared on a listserver out of
> the US, certainly someone here on the list must know who at USFWS (seems
> most appropriate) should be contacted about this (2) it is a trivial matter
> to contact the administrators at bigfoot.com, who have a very good track
> record of removing unethical clients when legitimate complaints are
> registered. I've contacted these folks before, and will gladly do so again,
> but I hesitate to have Mr. Lu's website disconnected until AFTER the folks
> at USFWS (or wherever) have seen it and documented it - it contains the
> strongest evidence against him. Therefore, I would appreciate it if someone
> could let me know if and when there is some action taken, at which point
> I'll talk to bigfoot.
> Sincerely,
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