Butterfly-predacious Hornets

Doug Yanega dyanega at mono.icb.ufmg.br
Wed Aug 5 16:18:16 EDT 1998

>The aforementioned 'yellow and orange' Hornets still keep their
>nesting habitrs secret from me.  One educator ventured that this
>hornet may be the 'old world' hornet,  'Vespa',  and may not build a
>nest in the open,  but possibly in the ground.  Note - This Hornet is
>slightly larger than the common Black and Cream colored hornet,  which
>builds a grey,  spherical nest in trees.

Actually, I believe Vespa crabro (the European Hornet) makes nests in
trees, rather than in the ground. The other species you have is the
Bald-faced Hornet, Dolichovespula maculata. At least you now know their
identities, for future reference.


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