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Fri Aug 7 06:43:20 EDT 1998

Hopefully, this will be the last I feel compelled to write on this, as it
is now getting too far afield.
Neil Jones wrote:

>Why in some parts of the US should scientific textbooks be forced
>to carry  mystical medieval disclaimers because of the unprovable beliefs
>of certain religious people?

Because evolution has shaped people to believe in mystical forces to
explain things they do not understand?

John Grehan responded (in part):

>As a result, creationists could have
>been offerred the same criteria for acceptance of their work - i.e. treat
>creationists by the same criteria that scientists treat each other

Actually, they WERE treated by the same criteria - even going so far as to
call themselves "Creation Scientists" so as to invite the application of
scientific standards to their work - and have so far failed to produce a
single result to support their positions. That is the beauty of science, in
one respect - frauds will always be found out in the end, whether it's
something like cold fusion, dowsing, or creationism.

Can we close this thread down now?

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