Unusual caterpillar ... please help!

Sunsol Daniels MYTZ14A at prodigy.com
Sat Aug 8 09:16:11 EDT 1998

Cindy Medd <cmedd at techplus.com> wrote:
>I hope someone can help me identify a very unique looking caterpillar
>that I pulled off my apple tree today.  It resembles the tobaco 
>in color and size ... green with white markings and about four inches 
>lenght and about as thick as a males index finger ... but differs in
>that it has spine like protrusions along the sides and back of it's
>body.  These spines are quite colorful ... the ones along the side of
>the body are blue, the first set of four on it's head are orange with
>tiny black dots, and the remaining along it's topside are yellow. 

Maybe Hyalophora cecropia or Callosamia promethea

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