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Sun Aug 16 04:50:05 EDT 1998

sebrez at wrote:
> Honey and water might be a better food.
Not that it matters in this case, but it's not recommended for butterfly
and hummingbird feeders because it doesn't keep well. If you use it,
keep it refrigerated, but don't serve it chilled. 
Best thing to do is to kill the little guy, because obviously it isn't
having fun. (I wouldn't be able to do that.)
Second best would be to see whether trimming off the damaged part, and
cutting the opposite wing to match, will leave it enough wings to fly. 
If it can even flutter a little, the next step is to put it out in your
milkweed patch and go away. 
A butterfly is a device for making more butterflies. It may still be
able to do that.
Now whether it is desirable genetic material (having failed to emerge
properly) is another question. Letting nature make that sort of decision
is an awfully good idea.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

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