question about lepid life cycle?

amber justin at
Sat Aug 22 11:20:40 EDT 1998

Hi to whoever can help me,

This is quite urgent and I will be very grateful if someone can help me.

I am currently teaching A level Biology (am actually a human specialist),
the syllabus is A.E.B.

The course content requires the pupils to study;
    "The dietary requirements of lepidopterous insects during metamorphosis.
Specifically the change in protein and energy requirements associated with
growth in the larva and reproduction and dispersal in the adult.  To also
include associated changes in food, mouthparts and gut enzymes".

I am having tremendous difficulty in locating any information on the above.
I would be very grateful if someone could either answer this themselves or
at least direct me to a web site that would cover it.  I have am near a very
limited library, therefore book references will not be of any use.

Thank you very much I would appreciate a quick reply as term starts soon
(next week).

You can either e-mail me at justin at or leave a message on
this newsgroup

Thanks again.

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