Butterfly colonies

sw scabrous at fcmail.com
Sun Aug 23 18:54:47 EDT 1998

I had a few questions regarding setting up short term (3-4 generations)
colonies of various butterflies.  In particular, we're interested in
starting colonies from local, wild-caught butterfly varieties.  Our lab
currently focuses on experiments with Buckeye (Precis coenia), and has had
a successful colony for several years.  Branching out, however, raises a
few problems/questions:

1-Are there distinguishing male/female characters in black swallowtails?
   What larval hostplant has worked best for these?  Queen Anne's Lace,
     parsely, dill?

2-Is it common for male and female Monarchs to stay "coupled" for hours?
   Will common milkweed suffice as a larval hostplant for Monarchs?

Thanks in advance for your input,
scabrous at fcmail.com

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