Hartii pupae for sale

Barrie Harwood Barrie.Harwood at BTInternet.com
Fri Aug 28 17:41:44 EDT 1998

Available now!

Pupae of Antheraea hartii @ £2.50 each plus £1.00 Postage (UK - other
countries please get in touch and I will find out how much the postage will

Hartii has a 12-14cm wingspan and is a very dark chocolate brown with yellow
wing margins and yellow rings around the ocelli on all four wings. The
larvae feed on Oak, Hawthorn, Plum etc.
The pupae will emerge this year if kept warm but otherwise, keep cool for
spring 1999 emergence.

Orders can be reserved by eMail. My address and eMail address are:

Barrie Harwood
White Lodge
Charlton Musgrove
Somerset. BA9 8EZ

Barrie.Harwood at BTInternet.com

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