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Sun Aug 30 21:46:22 EDT 1998

Why scientific names?

I suppose for several reasons.  First, it is the most internationally
recognized form of reference (and this forum is quite international).
Second, it is scientifically satisfying.  Third, it is educationally
fascinating.  Fourth, it puffs us up and makes us feel more important.

Actually, it is nice to include common names for the benefit of many, and I
for one have started throwing them in when I can remember to.

Good question, by the way.

Mark Walker
Irvine, CA

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> I continue to notice a lack of most species this year, especially
> obvious, monarchs, I have seen hardly any. One other observation, whites
> and sulphurs seem to be larger this year. I am the amateur of amateurs
> and only know the common names, why do most use the scientific names? 

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