Hamadryas sp./bait-trapping

Brent A. Murry murry at al.umces.edu
Wed Jan 14 11:17:55 EST 1998

Hello, I've conducted 8 months of field research with the Univ. of MD in
Nicaragua on hamadryas sp..  In particular I examined a bit of adult
life history and conducted a mark-recapture study to determine the
effects of bait-trapping on neotropical butterflies.  I am severely
lacking information on the species itself, any info would be helpful on
the Hamadryas sp., (H. guatemalena in particular) and any info anyone
has on bait-trapping would also aid me in generating my publication.
This is part of my masters work.  I'd really appreciate any info. anyone
can share, even if its from a country other than Nicaragua.  I thank you
in advance for your effort and thoughts, sincerely, Brent Murry.

I can be reached at murry at al.umces.edu
or by phone at either (301) 689-3115 ext. 407 or (301) 689-0050.

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