Hamadryas sp./bait-trapping

Roger C. KENDRICK kendrick at hkusua.hku.hk
Fri Jan 16 05:36:01 EST 1998

Brent A. Murry wrote:
> Hello, I've conducted 8 months of field ....... I'd really appreciate any info. anyone
> can share, even if its from a country other than Nicaragua.  I thank you
> in advance for your effort and thoughts, sincerely, Brent Murry.

Hi Brent,

on bait traps, some recent literature (with references in the former
case) can be found from Trpical Lepidoptera: specifically
• Austin G.T. & Riley T.J., 1995. Portable bait traps for the study of
butterflies. Tropical Lepidoptera 6 (1): 5-9.
• Sourakov A. & Emmel T.C., 1995. Bait trapping for butterflies in
Kenya. Tropical Lepidoptera 6 (1): 1-2.

hope this helps,

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