List of the Lepidoptera of Québec and Labrador

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We are happy to announce the publication of Fabreries' Supplement no. 7,
"Liste des Lépidoptères du Québec et du Labrador" (List of the
Lepidoptera of Québec and Labrador). 

Authored by Louis Handfield, with the collaboration of Jean-François
Landry, Bernard Landry and  J. Donald Lafontaine, this checklist records
2576 species representing 954 genera, 64 families and 29 superfamilies;
an additional 278 species found in adjacent territories and whose
occurrence in Québec is possible are also mentioned.  All species
recorded have been validated by examination of specimens in
collections.  This is the first comprehensive list of Lepidoptera of
Québec since 1912.  No new nomenclatural changes are proposed.  However,
the nomenclature has been thoroughly updated; many names, reflecting
either recently introduced species or recent nomenclatural changes
published in Europe, appear for the first time in North American
literature.  The list is accompanied by synoptic tables, 259
nomenclatural and faunistic notes, an annotated list of 52 species
erroneously recorded from Québec, references to taxonomic works useful
for species identification, comments on the adopted classification of
higher taxa, an exhaustive list of references consulted, and a complete
index of all taxonomic names.  An English abstract is provided, but the
rest of the text is in French.

	Fabreries's Supplement 7 is available from the "Association des
entomologistes amateurs du Québec" (address below) at CDN$15.00 for
Canadian members of AEAQ, the "Société d'entomologie du Québec", and the
Entomological Society of Canada. The cost for non-members of these three
organizations will be CDN$ 18.00. Additional mail and handling fees are
CDN$ 3.50 for Canadian residents, CDN$ 5.50 for residents of the U.S.A.
and CDN$ 6.00 (surface mail) or CDN$ 12.50 (air mail) for residents of
other countries. Only cheques and money-orders in Canadian dollars will
be accepted. Payment should be made to the order of A.E.A.Q. 

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