Lack of butterflies

David Albaugh bugguy at
Thu Jul 2 23:14:37 EDT 1998

I think everyone is experiencing in one form or another a lack of
butterflies this year. We here in Rhode Island had a great season last
year with many species being recorded for the first time in awhile. For
us we had an early spring with lots of butterflies hatching. Then we had
almost 20 days of rain, wind and cold weather. Then we had normal temps
but no butterflies were to be found. We just got over another 19 day
period of rain. What I think happened is that alot of adults hatched
early only to be killed by the first period of rain (either by cold or
not being able to feed since they don't fly in the rain). This then
caused a chain reaction i that no one was breeding thus no larvae.
We now have had 2 days without rain and some adults have been sighted
but nowhere near as many as last year (or even what was seen with our
early spring). 

David Albaugh

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