European Migrants

Andrew Wood AndrewGWood at
Mon Jul 6 16:45:44 EDT 1998

John Murray wrote:

>I think there were some UK sightings of Clouded Yellow in mid-April, and
>Lady even earlier this year, but the first big (but short-lived)
>that I know of this year hit the UK around June 21st, when there were
suddenly a
>number of sightings of Clouded Yellow, Red Admiral and Painted Lady.

>My first migrant moth this year was a Diamond-back (Plutella xylostella)
on May
>13th, and they are continuing to turn up now.  At Marshalls Heath we have
>Rush Veneer (Nomophila noctuella) this morning and recently Silver Y
>gamma) in ones and twos.  

>John Murray
>Marshalls Heath,
>Herts., U.K.

A colleague at work desribed a moth feeding on Pelagoniums  in her garden
at Ware, Herts on 28 June which was undoubtedly a hummingbird Hawk Moth
(Macroglossum stellatarum).  There are A gamma in my moth trap most nights
in 1s and 2s since May 12 and I am seeing Red Admirals in similar numbers
on the very few bright  dry days we are seeing at present

Andrew Wood

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