Mitchell's Satyr/Forms

bruce Grimes birder at
Sun Jul 12 20:24:15 EDT 1998

Hi! I'm new to the group (just found out it existed today), and have a 
couple of questions that I hope to get help with.  First a disclaimer, 
I am not a biologist, and only a recent "watcher", participating in a 
couple of "counts" the last couple of years.

I am trying to find out if there is more information available on the 
Mitchell's Satyr (federally endangered species), and particularly the 
N. Carolina and New Jersey forms.  The only picture I can find on the 
web is U.S.F.S., and is very red.  This contrasts quite a bit with the 
field guides consulted, like the Peterson, which shows them as 
generally brown.  Does anyone know if the eastern forms are less red?  
Are there any photos of these forms somewhere on the web?
I understand that the species was only split from the Georgia Satyr in 
relatively recent years.  Are there forms of the Georgia Satyr that 
resemble the Mitchell's?  

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Bruce Grimes

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