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Mon Jul 13 01:54:15 EDT 1998

Hello folks,
I am in need of 5 or 6 pictures depicting the lifecycle of the butterfly. I
intend to have them printed, framed, and then give them to my wife to put on
her wall at work.
I look upon her "emergence and becomming" as being similar to that of the
butterfly emerging from the cocoon into its full beauty. Without going into
details, she had an extremely difficult childhood and a bad first marriage.
Now that the kids are gone, she has the first opportunity of her life to
become her own person, on her own terms. I believe what she is becomming is
very beautiful, much like a butterfly.
So, if anyone out there can help with a few pics, I would muchly appreciate
it. Just scan and email, I'll take it from there......I guess. Any suggestions
about having pictures made from scans would be appreciated.
thanks much.
glen lyall

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