Collection permit ideas

DR. JAMES ADAMS jadams at
Wed Jul 22 09:31:08 EDT 1998

Dear Listers,

           As the discussion continued on this topic, I remained 
troubled by a couple of aspects of the discussion.  You already know 
how I feel about the "market value" aspect -- I made that clear 
earlier.  But I have an additional point to make about the "market 
value" aspect.  If a country's policy ends up including something 
about current market value of an insect, understand that the market 
value of an insect will be driven up by deforestation, making the 
insects more local, more difficult to obtain, and therefore more 
"valuable".  This sounds like an incredibly vicious circle to me, 
with little being done to curb the real problem of habitat 
destruction.  Secondly, to reiterate something that Mark Walker 
mentioned earlier, the permit laws are considered necessary to curb 
any kind of overzealous collecting, but those who would participate 
in the overzealous collecting are likely to find their way around the 
laws no matter what they are (though suffer the consequences if 
they're caught).  But we all are therefore penalized.  Anything seem  
wrong with this to anyone else?


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