migrations of pierids and nymphalids in Central America

Robert B. Srygley srygley at u.washington.edu
Wed Jun 3 01:56:15 EDT 1998

Dear lep-listers,
  I have received word that the largest migration of pierids
(Aphrissa statira, Phoebis sennae, and Ascia monuste among others) and 
nymphalids (Marpesia chiron and M. petreus) on record has passed across
the isthmus of Panama yesterday.  My colleagues and I are trying to
outline the flyway for these butterflies and we would appreciate your
  If anyone is located in the Caribbean, Central America, or
northern South America, plans to travel to that area in the near future,
or knows someone who is currently travelling in that area, please make
observations of migrating butterflies.  We would like to know your
location, time of day, butterfly species, direction of flight (for 20
individuals of each species, if possible), wind direction and speed.  You
may check out my web page at http://weber.u.washington.edu/~srygley.
  Observations from persons cruising the Caribbean are of particular
  Unfortunatley, the address for my web site and e-mail will soon change.
My e-mail will be bob.srygley at zoology.ox.ac.uk after 13 June 1998.  The
address for my home page should work until the end of June when I will
move it to Oxford.
  Thank you very much for your assistance.
Bob Srygley

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