mysterious milkweed caterpillars

Laurel Godley godley at
Wed Jun 3 13:15:10 EDT 1998

Hello all,

I have found several caterpillars on what I am nearly certain is 
fascicularis. Naturally I thought they were Monarch caterpillars. When
looking them up to confirm this, I realized they lack the characteristic
feelers. Next I think,a queen? But again no feelers, zero, zip, nada. I 
perhaps they were immature but was told by a knowledgeable friend that
even the small ones have the feelers. 

The caterpillars coloring is more like a queens, black and white zebra
striping. There are three yellow lines running the length of the body
perpendicular to the striping. One line is in the middle of the back and 
other two are on each side near the feet. Each foot is mostly white with
black at the very end. Any thoughts? If geography helps, I live in San 

Thanks,  Laurel

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