plumeria hornworms

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Wed Jun 3 12:38:51 EDT 1998

Anne Kilmer wrote:
> Big black shiny ones with yellow stripes. A friend of mine has collected
> quantities of them, which she has kindly donated to Dreher Park Zoo, and
> which she has gathered leaves for (although I told her that, if indeed
> they were 5 inches long, they were pretty well through eating. They have
> gone underground, most of them, so now she thinks I'm omniscient.)
>         Unfortunately, my great knowledge :) does not extend to their
> scientific name. So would you very kindly ...
>         Also, I have lost the name of the nice professor who wanted some
> of these moths, so, whoever you were, if you would kindly call Dreher
> Park Zoo in West Palm Beach and speak to the education department, you
> can perhaps arrange something. 561 533-0887. I assume that you can
> arrange permits and so forth.
>         As they only have two frangipani trees, I certainly hope they
> won't release all 24 moths right there at the zoo ... oh well, the
> grackles will handle it.
> Aff'ly,
> Anne Kilmer
> South Florida

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