update on mysterious caterpillars?

Laurel Godley godley at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 7 20:01:12 EDT 1998

I accidentally killed a larger one out of negect.  If it helps, they 
must be moths because they seem to have wanted dirt to burrow in.  I 
think the one died because I didn't have any in the box with them at 
first.  After this, it occurred to me that some moths burrow and 
provided some.  Three burrowed right down as soon as I put them on the 
soil.  Any special thoughts at this point in time on how to care for 
them now?

* Roger Wrote: exactly which abdominal segments (counting
from the thoracic end but not including the 3 pairs of true legs on the 
thorax) have prolegs

Roger, I'll check this tonite & get back to you Monday, as I only have 
email through work so don't have said beasties in fornt of me now.

Cheers! and thanks for the responses & help


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