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Mon Jun 8 13:36:26 EDT 1998

Mr. Aguillard:

There are two things we have been trying to let the lepidoptera newsgroup know
: 1) We will send anyone a free utility that adds the scientific names of North
American butterflies to their spelling checker. 2) We have inexpensive database
software for maintain lepidoptera sightings/collections records.

A two line note is used to convey the second piece of information; several more
lines are needed in a note to explain the first one.  Both notes direct people
who are interested to our web site for further information.

Recently we have been posting these two notes alternately, with each being
reposted approximately every two weeks -- when the previous posting of the note
is about to vanish off the top of the display of all postings on the newsgroup.

We keep records of when each visit is made to our web site, the internet domain
of the visitor, and of any e-mail to us resulting from a visit. These data show
that for two or three days after each of our newsgroup postings there is an
increase in the number of visitors, in requests for the free spelling checker
utility, and in e-mail concerning the lepidoptera database software.

This has led us to believe that some members of the lepidoptera newsgroup are
interested in what we have to offer, and also that there is a constant flow of
new people into the newsgroup -- people to whom each of our notes is, in fact,
news. Another reason why we  believe that our notes are of some interest to
lepidoptera fans is that they are frequently copied by the lepidoptera mailing
list. And yours is the first complaint we have received from the lepidoptera
newsgroup about our postings.

It  is our intention to make friends, not enemies, by what we have been doing
in reposting each of the two notes every two weeks. But if we have been making
a mistake we are certainly willing to modify our actions.

We would like to ask members of the lepidoptera newsgroup for guidance. Should

1) Continue reposting each of the two notes every two weeks?
2) Do so every month?
3) Do so every two months"
4) Stop reposting completely?

Members of the newsgroup, please post your choice on the newsgroup and/or send
us e-mail telling us of your choice, by 15 July, 1998. We will then act

Santa Barbara Software Products
sbsp at aol.com

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