Brazilian Microlep help

Doug Yanega dyanega at
Wed Jun 17 16:51:14 EDT 1998

Just had a student bring me a tough one, and thought I'd ask around for
people who can tackle it or suggest a reliable way I can do so. Seems that
there is a type of lep larva making webs that run around the inner
circumference of the entrances of bee nests, and the student studying the
bees is looking for an ID. He has one adult now, forewings gray with
fringes, and about 9 mm long, so it's a decent-sized microlep. But getting
an ID to even family level is pretty much beyond me, so, do we have any
microlep lovers on the list who might be able to help, or do I have to
start tearing off wings, stripping scales, and praying that it's a family
included in Borro & DeLong?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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