Norwegian Migrants

Runar Krogen rkrogen at
Wed Jun 24 14:46:18 EDT 1998


Kathy, I have done some trips north of the arctic circle, and have not seen
many species of butterflies in the outer coastrange including the Lofoten
islands (Vestvågøy). But if one goes the inner parts of the fjords,
continue up the valleys that lead to the mountains, more species are seen.
Some of them are true arctic species and are found only in the mountains
(Clossiana chariclea, C. polaris, C. improba, Colias nastes, C. hecla,
Oeneis bore and others). Further north, close to North Cape, some of these
species are found close to sealevel.

It is very interesting to experience that there are observers in the area
you describe. Eventually, if the migrants, Vanessa atalanta and V. cardui,
continue their flight towards north, there could be a chance that they
might discover some specimens. Generally there are very few persons in
Norway, especially in the far north(if any), working systematically on
observing butterflies.


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