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> The only 'regular' British butterfly that I have yet to see is Glanville 
> Fritillary. Another rainy June (combined with the World Cup and moving 
> house) has meant that I probably won't get the chance to look for them 
> this year until July 4th. My question is: Assuming the weather is good, 
> is it worth me going or is it definitely too late.
> I've been over to the IoW (specifically for GF) twice before and, due to 
> bad weather, have failed to see them. I don't want to go again unless 
> there's a reasonable chance. Any advice?
> Toby Austin
> Hertfordshire

I have seen the Glanville Fritillary on several occasions in the UK and
I have never been to the Isle of Wight. There are several places on the
mainland where some misguided individual has released them.
Incidentally non-UK readers may be interested to know that this butterfly
(Melitaea cinxia ) gets its common name from a Lady Glanville whose will
was unsuccessfully contested on the grounds that her interest in butterflies
was proof of her insanity!

You are probably too late. Some friends of mine saw them a few weeks ago.
I would guess that the season is almost over.

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