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Dear All,

With regard to the conference, the Centre for Drug Design and Development
at the University of Queensland is organising a meeting  entitled From
Venoms to Drugs to be held on Heron Is in mid-August '98.  This meeting
will address areas such as toxin biochemistry, pharmacology - physiology,
synthesis, protein engineering, molecular biology,  structure,  expression
systems, design and mimetics.  Not included are sessions on ecology,
taxonomy, envenomation etc.   It will also provide an opportunity for key
players in both industry and academia to get together in an informal

The meeting will be Gordon conference style (ie morning sessions with
afternoons off for discussion, socialising etc) with all registrants
(100-150) presenting either a paper or poster and sessions organised
around the eco-activities of the island plus scuba / snorkelling etc.

A mirror web site with more details on the program, invited speakers, the
island etc has been set up on the online Australian Venom Database

Also available at the site are pages concerning:

Australian Venom Research Unit
Blue ringed octopi
Cone snails - pharmacology of venoms
First-aid: Australian venomous animals
Links Page
Jellyfish and blue-bottles (coming soon)
Mammals (coming soon)
Sea hares
Sea urchins (coming soon)
Snakes - Land
  - Dangerous species
  - Most toxic species list (murine LD50)
  - Pharmacology of venoms
  - Publications database
Snakes - Sea (coming soon)
Starfish (coming soon)
Ticks (coming soon)
URL Minder Service - Automatic notification whenever the page changes

Anyone interested in contributing a page on Australian venomous animals
should contact me for further details.


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