uptight/strange/illegal behaviour

Neil Jones Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 3 03:57:01 EST 1998

In message <19980302040601.XAA25829 at ladder03.news.aol.com> js158jhp at aol.com writes:
> Here's a bunch of reasons  I wear camo, use green nets, and hide in the bushes
> when I see or hear someone approaching.   Who else has been interrogated by the
> local Police while looking around street/parkinglot lights at the edge of
> town??
> Take it easy,
>                        Joel

Its no good hiding they use Black Helicopters with infra-red detectors.
They have specially trained UN troops on board skillful in detecting
people looking for moths at night. It is all part of the "New world order".
;-) :-)

I think that anyone skulking around hiding in bushes wearing camoflague
is likely to attract attention whether they are carryin a butterfly net 
or no!

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