PLEASE help-insect breathing info.

Paul C Weaver beavis5 at
Tue Mar 3 09:19:42 EST 1998

To HeinzeDJAK and others

Check in to the Journal Insect physiology and biochemistry.  Many
have been done on locust, cockroach and diapausing pupae of leps (H.
cecropia is the best known).  Any general insect physiology book should
have a section on respiration with some of the classical articals
mentioned above.  The rates of diapaused pupae in H. cecropia is very
interesting.  You will find that the spiracles are a very interesting
structure and in some insects only a few are functional like the
larvae.  I am sure that someone on this list is working in Insect
respiration and can give more knowledge on the subject.
Happy hunting,

On 2 Mar 1998, HeinzeDJAK wrote:

> I could be wrong, but remember that insects use spiracles to breathe.  There
> are nine pairs on either side, and usually can be spotted easily.  As I
> understand, they are long cone shaped tunnels that come to a very tiny point,
> at which the difusion of Oxygen and so forth occurs.   With this understanding,
> I can't see a insect breathing in deeper or less deep, or how it could have a
> rate, but I could be wrong.
> Hope this helps,
> Dar

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