uptight/strange/illegal behaviour

Bill Hark wth2m at virginia.edu
Wed Mar 4 14:34:40 EST 1998

Martin Hough wrote:
> >> when I see or hear someone approaching.   Who else has been interrogated
> by the
> >> local Police while looking around street/parkinglot lights at the edge of
> >> town??...

     I had a couple of police officers ask me what I was doing when I
was wandering around some all night truck stops in south central
virginia while returning from the Lepidopterists' Society meeting in
Callaway Gardens a few years ago.
They were friendly and enjoyed looking at the several polyphemus and
other large moths sitting on the wall.

    I generally try to keep a low profile whenever I'm out. It is easier
when I have a camera than a net. Moths are generally very cooperative
and will sit on a wall for long periods. If I need to move one to a
different location for a photo or to collect one, I can often pick them
up discreetly. While collecting, I generally keep out of sight with a
net. I also have a small net which can be concealed in a bookbag and can
be quickly removed for use.

Bill Hark
Bill's Photo Page

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