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On February 27, 1998, <hoffmann at> wrote:
>hi folks,
>i'm embarking on a new 'adventure'. i'll be seriously doing moth
>research in singapore now. the problem i have is that there are no
>reference books for singapore.
>what books would you recommend? (halloway? barlow? ... )
>what books can you recommend for an absolute beginner in moth research
>and collecting?
>any other tips? advice?
>thanks a ton in advance

In addition to the sugestions of Roger Kendrick, I can recommend:

Kalshoven, L.G.E. 1950/1951, revised and translated by Van der Laan
in 1984. Pests of Crops in Indonesia. P.T. Ichtiar Baru - Van Hoeve,
Although dealing with economic entomology, there are descriptions of
many if not most moth species you can encounter on cultivated plants

An older book:
Dammerman (1929) Agricultural Zoology of the Malay Archipelago
was the first book on agricultural pests for Malaysia.
It also includes many forestry pests. The descriptions and illustrations
are better than Dammermans'. I heard that it was planned to reprint the
book in Malaysia or Singapore but have not heard whether that actually

For general introduction in 'moth-science' you can off course use general
books also, like
Borror, DeLong and Triplehorn (I have and old edition) An Introduction to the 
Study of Insects (also for trapping/catching and preserving) and
Insects of Australia by Waterhouse (an updated second edition was
published some years ago)

For identification to family level, usefull is
Insect of Importance to Man: 1. Lepidoptera, CABI
which was developed from the coursematerial of CABI's insect
identification courses, like the one regularly organized in Malaysia.
[there is also one on thrips (No 2) and Coleoptera (No 3)]

If you are interested in more, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Regards and success,

Ernst Neering
The Netherlands

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