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On 4 Mar 1998 19:03:14 -0500, lday at iquest.net wrote:

>>> I think it's time for collectors and the rest of us to present a united
> front,
>>> aiming for habitat preservation, restoration, and education. The people I
> have met
>>> locally, involved in park maintenance, are eager to learn. Nature Centers
>>> appreciate bug collections.
>Yes.  I've given lots of larvae and care instructions to the children's
>museum, nature center, and zoo.  Seems to go over well.
>Now if I could only get them interested in bumblebees......

keeping them, or getting rid of them?

The aust government and various agricultural concerns want to
introduce northern hemisphere bumblebees here without any adequate
trials of how they affect local pollinators etc.  Follow the money....

We have no native bumblebees, just a diverse community of wonderful
native bees, honeyeaters and other flower-associated species  which
will probably suffer in the end.

DaveB.  (off onto another short-term bandwagon).

(crossposted to sci.bio.entomology.misc just in case anyone there
would like to get uptight about this too)
Dave & Tish
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