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>On 4 Mar 1998 19:03:14 -0500, lday at iquest.net wrote:

>>>> I think it's time for collectors and the rest of us to present a united
>> front,
>>>> aiming for habitat preservation, restoration, and education. The people I
>> have met
>>>> locally, involved in park maintenance, are eager to learn. Nature Centers
>>>> appreciate bug collections.
>>Yes.  I've given lots of larvae and care instructions to the children's
>>museum, nature center, and zoo.  Seems to go over well.

What  kind of larvae?  I would be interested in doing that too.  I am
very distressed by the general public perception that the only good
bug is a dead bug, and their instant predilection to annihilate any
insects that invade their space, no matter how harmless the species

I try to educate people about how interesting and important insects
are, but it seems to fall on deaf ears unless one talks to very young
children.  I find insects to be fun and interesting pets, And I would
like to know more about what species are easy enough for children to
care for and are readily available.


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