The Butterfly Man

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Sun Mar 15 20:05:43 EST 1998

Krystal Watts wrote:

> (Excerpts from People Magazine): Ten years ago, as a member of the
> Crips, a Los Angeles street gang, Arthur Bonner sold crack, cracked
> heads, and fired a shotgun at an approaching car. By 1991 he had
> spent three years in juvenile detention and almost four more in prison -
> for shooting a security guard in the eye. He says he now prays every
> night for the people he wronged: "I'm not proud of none of the stuff I
> did."
> Instead of running with his gang, Bonner, now 27, roams the rugged hills
> of California's Palos Verdes peninsula, trying to make it habitable for
> a rare species of butterfly found nowhere else on earth. The Palos
> Verdes blue or Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis ---

(rest deleted)

It was our privilege to spend an afternoon with Mr. Bonner a couple of years
ago.  It was an eye-opener.  The world needs more Rudi Matonis -- and more
Arthur Bonners.
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