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In a previous article, minesSPAMJAM at (Gerald Mines) says:

>Krystal Watts wrote:
>> (Excerpts from People Magazine): Ten years ago, as a member of the
>> Crips, a Los Angeles street gang, Arthur Bonner sold crack, cracked
>> heads, and fired a shotgun at an approaching car. By 1991 he had
>> spent three years in juvenile detention and almost four more in
>> prison ...
>> <snip>
>Did anybody see the National Geographic Special "Don't Say Good-bye"
>broadcast back in January?  It featured Mr. Bonner's story and the
>Palos Verdes Blue.  Check the following URL for more info:

Talk about Nat Geo, James Fujita, a young Oxnard student (high school, I
think) was honored recently by NGS.  His photo was in one of the "small
items news" columns in the magazine as well.  Unfortunately, I do not
recall the issue date.
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