Monarchs in the Canaries

Miguel Frisuelos mmfrisu at
Tue Mar 17 08:11:19 EST 1998

Michael Healy wrote:
> I understand that Monarchs are quite commonplace in the Canary Islands - I
> think I saw some in Tenerife on holiday last week.  If I am right, do they
> migrate?
> Michael Healy

I have seen monarchs in several Canaries islands: Gran Canaria,
Tenerife, Lanzarote... I think they are common in the Eastern islands,
not so in the Eastern ones.

You can see mostly of the year the caterpillars over Asclepidaceae, but
the place where I found the greater number was Playa del Ingles, in
Southern Gran Canaria, where they fly with Catopsilia florella, Vanessa
indica vulcania and Zizeeria knysna...

However, Danaus chryssippus become rarer sometimes ago, and I don4t know
the actual status for this species.

Also in Southern Spain (Malaga, Torrox,and other places ) was possible
to find Danaus plexippus permanent colonies, not migratory specimens,
but I do not know if they have become extinguished for the urban

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