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Sun Mar 22 11:07:35 EST 1998

Enjoyed the report of s.e. Az.  Always glad to hear how butterflying is
progressing in other parts of the country.  Reading Hank's report,
notice he also gives the scientific names, which is probably a good
idea, especially if he had only put "Common Blue," without including
argiolus.   In Colorado, many use "Common Blue" when referring to
icarioides and think Washingtonians refer to something different for
their "common blue."   To confuse things further the common blue in so.
Cal. probably would be Marine or Acmon!  

	For those not aware of the tremendous service, a group of
lepidopterists, in conjunction with NABA, settled on a standardized list
of common names.  NABA published "The NABA Checklist & English Names of
North American Butterflies."   While there have been other lists in the
past, none have really taken hold as evidenced by the inconsistency  of
names in the various older books.  Newer books, for the most part, are
following this nomenclature.  The widely expanding annual Butterfly
Counts have also started using this nomenclature, and will undoubtedly
provide even more public acceptance.

	For those wishing to obtain a copy, contact NABA, 4 Delaware Rd.,
Morristown, NJ 07960,  naba at,  or download a list at:       

	Now seeing lots of Painted Ladies, regular numbers of Cabbage Whites,
Western Tiger Swallowtails, Red Admirals, Sara Orangetips, Bramble
Hairstreaks (ssp perplexa), and one friend even had a Gray
Hairstreak--which does seem quite early for this area.

					Cheers,	Wanda Dameron
						Lorquin Society
						Flutterby Press

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