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Sun Mar 22 06:50:10 EST 1998

As part of my wifes College course, she has been asked
to make a ten minute presentation. The emphasis being
on the presentation, rather than the subject.
The subject that she was give to give a ten minute talk
on is:-
"Osmoregulation in Butterflies"
As (a VERY SMALL)part of her course, she studies Osmosis, and even
touches upon osmosis in animals, but Osmosis in Butterflies is far
too specialist.
She has researched the college library, and also the local library,
with very little success. The main library in our local city may
have more information, but the information (if it is there) is
hidden so deep, in other referance books, that so far it has
eluded her.
To assist her, I have tried searching the InterNet, and whilst I have
found works relating to Osmoregulation in Fish, and Camels, I have
found nothing at all on Osmoregulation in Butterflies.

Ideally, we are looking for an "Idiots" guide to Osmosis in Butterflies,
the presentation being the emphasis, rather than the subject, and
possibly a few line drawings, or illustrations that my wife could
use on an overhead projector.

Perhaps if anyone could either point me towards suitable sites,
or recomend books to look in, I would be most grateful.

Many thanks,

Peter E Davies.
gw0hqd at
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