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Mon Mar 23 14:45:47 EST 1998

Greetings.  I found a female A. luna Friday, Mar. 20 in Argyle, Texas
(40 miles NW of Dallas).  By that evening, she had begun laying eggs.
As of last night, she had deposited ~275.  So, since this is the first
silk moth I have ever found in the wild (thought I'd run across a
Polyphemus someday, but never a Luna!) I've got a few questions:
1)  As indicated above, I was under the impression that I was too far
west to find Lunas.  How rare are they in north central Texas?
2)  What are my chances for fertile eggs?
3)  Is it possible and advisible to slow down the incubation until
leaves are available?  Sweetgum are just now budding; don't know about
walnut or persimmon.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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