Standardized Butterfly Names

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On Mon, 23 Mar 1998 00:17:01 -0900 (AKST), Kenelm Philip
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>	Tish Silberbauer & Dave Britton asked:
>> Is this NABA list generally recognized by the US butterflying community?
>I doubt that the U.S. butterflying community is that homogenous. There
>is certainly a sizeable segment that uses scientific names even in casual
>conversation. In the arctic, where practically no butterflies have true
>vernacular common names, I have rarely heard common names used by lepidop-
>terists. On the other hand, I have not run into NABA members in the arctic.
I have the same problem Ken; I started out on butterflies as a
scientist, and correspondingly had problems with common names.
Eventually you will run into someone who will ask, "Yeh, but what is
it *really* called."
>The history of science gives a clear answer to that question: wait until
>the older scientists die.  :-)
Umm...what if some of them were to have an "accident".  (Not really!!
They're worth their weight in gold!).
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