help: larva identification

Dave bogus-email at
Sun May 31 16:59:12 EDT 1998

May 31, 1998
Atlanta, GA in woods near a local creek.
Creamy yellow smooth skin.
I can't find anything even remotely similar
in any of the literature I have.

I found it on a tulip tree, but it looks nothing like p. glaucus.
It was quite a distance up on the trunk.
It has no markings except the single stripe
down the center of the "back."
It also has black spots above each of the prolegs.
It has neither horns nor hairs.
It has a distinct head, but not the "neck"
that I would expect to see in a skipper.
It's a pretty fat little thing, so I imagine it's fairly mature.

Go here for a quick sketch I drew:

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