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Roger C. KENDRICK kendrick at
Sun May 31 19:49:52 EDT 1998

Hi Dave,

If your illustration is right, and there are prolegs on ALL the
abdominal segments, then you have a SAWFLY larva (Hymenoptera) on your
tulip tree. Haven't a clue as to which species, though.

Hope this helps,


Dave wrote:

> May 31, 1998
> Atlanta, GA in woods near a local creek.
> Creamy yellow smooth skin.
> I can't find anything even remotely similar
> in any of the literature I have.
> I found it on a tulip tree, but it looks nothing like p. glaucus.
> It was quite a distance up on the trunk.
> It has no markings except the single stripe
> down the center of the "back."
> It also has black spots above each of the prolegs.
> It has neither horns nor hairs.
> It has a distinct head, but not the "neck"
> that I would expect to see in a skipper.
> It's a pretty fat little thing, so I imagine it's fairly mature.
> Go here for a quick sketch I drew:

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