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>me at here.there wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This is my first time posting to a news group, so I hope that I'm in
>> the right place.  I have seen a couple of interesting spiders in my
>> house this week that I want to identify.  After searching for the last
>> hour or so, I was unable to find a site that I could use - being a
>> novice to entomology.
>> Can anyone recommend a site that would allow me to type in a few
>> distinguishing characteristics and then provide pictures of possible
>> matches ?  i.e - black, hairy, white square on back.....
>> Thanks,
>> Neal
>Neal hi,
>you might try asking this on alt.pets.arachnids
>i dont know of an arachnid site thats easy to use like you are asking
>for but there are a decient number of arachnid sites around if you have
>the time to go through pics and what not. off hand what your describeing
>sounds like a daring jumping spider {Phidippus audax} but its such a
>vague discription so it could be just about anything plus we dont know
>where you are liveing, check out jumping spiders of north america
> Mike "troll" Dame
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> Trolls tarantula site

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response.  I will take a look at that site.  The
spider and it's mate are each ~1/2 to 3/4 inches long.  They are
living in and around some rotting wood around my door frame.  I am in
southeastern New England.

Any additional thoughts ?

Thanks again,

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