Reaction of Neering to Le Roux

Ernst.Neering at STAFF.TPE.WAU.NL Ernst.Neering at STAFF.TPE.WAU.NL
Wed May 6 08:19:31 EDT 1998

On Monday, May 4, 1998 at 5:08:25 am DST,
<evoluhol at> wrote:
>Response to  Neering.
>Since some of your comments in this thread are inaccurate and
>outstandingly misleading, I am prompted to ask what and where the
>organization STAFF.TPE.WAU.NL is. since there is no indication that the
>views expressed are a matter of personal opinion.

And who are you? Please explain which comments are outstandingly misleading. 
I am not aware of inaccurate and/or misleading ones.

Anybody who wants explanation on my affiliation can contact me directly, I 
already replied directly to "Dave".

For the record, the views expressed in my postings are my personal views.

I hope this suffices,


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