butterfly sales: to buy or not to buy?

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bonkewit at unpsun1.cc.unp.ac.za (Americo Bonkewitzz Zoology and
          Entomology) writes:

>Neil Jones (Neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk) wrote:
>: There has been some debate about the presence of advertisements
>: from commercial dealers.
>: "Sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera is not intended as a forum for the buying
>: and selling of insect specimens nor as a venue for commercial collectors to
>: advertise their wares. Collectors who wish to do so should communicate
>: through private email."

I actually wrote the above as part of the charter of

>Don't you think is the time to create a new newsgroup destinated
>for buying and selling insects from farms ?
>In this way there will be no more "adverts" of that kind in this newsgroup.

By all means: if you are interested go ahead. When we were creating this
groups this was considerable discussion and the firm choice was to have
sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera a *non-commercial* venue. This was voted on
an ratified as part of our CFV to create the group.


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