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Thu May 7 12:43:13 EDT 1998

First time I visited USA in June 1989 I made a trip to the Californian
Sierras where I among different species planned to collect Nymphalis
californica.(Nymphalis is one of my favourite groups). I went up to Salt
Spring rd., Amador Co., parked the car in a peaceful spot, and went out
with my net. Most butterflies in the area were either hilltopping or
visiting flowers. But now and then a rapidly flying lepidoptera which I
first thought was a moth was passing by like a bullit. They all flew in
same direction, and soon I found out that they really were N.californica in
migratory mood. To catch one was almost hopeless, but after a couple of
hours I was lucky to net a worn male.   

The next morning I travelled on hwy 88 in direction Carson Pass. On an open
stretch at high elevation I discovered a couple of flat californicas on the
road. I decided to park the car and join the coyotes searching for dead
animals along the road. Among several californicas smashed into cars I
picked up a handful specimens looking good. Concerning N.californica, those
specimens found here along the road, saved the trip. Even though I was able
easily to catch perfect specimens N. californica different places in
California in 1994, I still have these 1989-migrants killed by cars in my

Trondheim, Norway
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