monarch metamorphosis

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Fri May 8 17:49:04 EDT 1998

I did an Alta Vista advanced search on 'Danaus near Herman' since I knew
that W. Herman had done research on the topic and found the following
site with the included reference.  It was the first one my eyes lit upon
so there might be more.  It looks like what you want.

Barker, J. F., Herman, W. S. 1976. Effect of photoperiod and temperature
on reproduction of the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus. Journal of
Insect Physiology 22:1565-1568 [Keywords: behavior,
physiology, reproduction, juvenile hormone, ovarian development]


Bruce Bernard wrote:
> I've heard that the metamorphosis rate of the monarch butterfly is
> temperature dependent.
> I also understand that if you can control the temperature during
> metamorphosis, you can very accurately predict when the adult will
> emerge.
> Is this true, ...
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