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This message is from William A. Frazier <antboy666 at AOL.com>, a amatuer naturalist/ school student from United States.

i was dissecting a catapiller one day. after i made a small cut in it's back i saw these small green things with black heads come out. first they looked like muscles. Then they started to move. they looked like miniature catapillers.i put the catapiller and the little green things inside a small can because i had nothing else. they climbed up the side of the can but went back down after the catapillar started to dry out. they had spun a silk cacoon  like thing around it.after that they just keeped climbing the walls of the can. i tried feeding them but it did not work. they all died in two days. the orignal catapiller was from new york state. it was about an inch long and all green with a totoly black head. the small ones that came out of it where just like it. the small ones where about a centimeter long. this is very true. thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to answer my question. bye! 

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