Butterfly book published

gordon.ramel gordon.ramel at bbsrc.ac.uk
Sun May 10 06:28:52 EDT 1998

You write ***Information attached***

Yeah but in what format??  Or did it not occur to you that people at the
receiving end might want to know  is it zipped up, uuencoded, a text file a
word doc or a wordperfect wpd or what?  i.e. Are you actually trying to
communicate or just playing with yourelf ??? We can not read your mind you
know.  The same ofcourse applies to everybody else who sends undescribed
attachments to lists ignorantly assuming that all mail software is the same as

The Butterflies of Canada, 1998 (April). Ross A. Layberry, Peter W. Hall, and
J. Donald Lafontaine. Published by University of Toronto Press [call toll free
1-800-565-9523]. 8 2 X 11" format; 354 pages; 32 color plates; 296 maps [90K
dots]. Price $29.95 (soft cover), $100.00 (hard cover) CAN [about $22 and $70
US]. Some new synonymies and statuses.

              Yours Gordon Ramel

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