Braconidae / Authorities

Thu May 14 06:03:56 EDT 1998

Hi everyone,
im on the scrounge for some very basic info. Sorry but our Braconidae 
keys seem to have gone on holiday,/ loan, stolen, or whatever  some 
time ago and ive just trolled through a bids search all last night 
which has not revelaed the info. So basically with reference to the 
following (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidae: Braconidae):-

(1) Does any one know the authority/ year for (Habro)Bracon 

(2) Is the classification of (Habro)Bracon brevicornis Wesmael, 
(Habro)bracon juglandis (Authority?) and (Habro)Bracon hebetor Say 
resolved as to whether if they are the same species, sub-species or 

(3) Is (Habro)Bracon hebetor Say a species, sub-species complex or 
species complex?

(4) Finally,  in all fields of biology outside of taxonomy there 
seems to me to be an increasing trend of no longer quoting the 
species authority in published work (animal and plant). However, i 
was of the opinion that the authority is an essential part of the 
species name for ID and lack of ambiguity. If this is no longer the 
case can someone please inform me as to why, and what alternative 
method we have instead of refering to original holo#paratypes, 
voucher specimens, etc, so that we all know we are talking about the 
same thing.
thanks in advance for all help etc.
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