O.K., it's really Spring Now

Mark Walker mwalker at aisvt.bfg.com
Thu May 14 21:53:51 EDT 1998

No, you won't be getting butterfly sightings from me every day now.  But I
just can't resist sending another...

Today (May 14) is the third beautiful day in a row.  The temperature was
pushing 80 degrees F.  There were many butterflies out for the first time.
Here are those that I personally ran into during lunch:

Pieris rapae    12
Colias philodice 3

Callophrys [Incisalia] niphon 2
Glaucopsyche lygdamus 35

Erynnis juvenalis 5

It's always nice to see the Elfins.  The Silvery Blues just exploded today.
I didn't see any Swallowtails today, although they are out and about (both
Papilio canadensis and Papilio polyxenes).  Boloria bellona is already
flying.  I guess my long cold winter is officially over.

Erora laeta and Callophrys [Mitoura] gryneus are next.  If the warm weather
holds out, they should be out within the week.

Mark Walker
Castleton, VT

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